Meet The Ritas


I’m an original Georgia Peach. Yep, original as KFC. I’m a wife to an amazing photographer and mom of 3 smart kids. My kids tease me and call me the drill sargent . I’m not sure if that’s because I bark orders or because I hate to be late or both. My friends will tell you I always have a smile on my face & a positive thing to say. I call myself a jack of all trades & masters of none. I’ve done everything from waiting tables, retail, setting up small companies, owning a couple of businesses, teaching bellydance classes & even being a stayhome mom. I’m currently a Data Integrity Specailist which means I do a lot of research. Software comes easy to me but that’s about as tech I get. I meet these amazing ladies almost 10 years ago and can’t believe I’m apart of this awesome group of talented women.


I am a lover of solidity, country music, hip hop and my family. I might not have conventional wisdom but I possess unconventional humor. I am fan of cryptocurrency but I am believer of emerging technology such as blockchain and what it can do to help solve realistic and fundamental issues. I am a blockchain developer and founder of my own startup company creating decentralized applications and distributed solutions.

I am a wife, a mom to a spunky toddler boy and a stepmom to my bonus daughter. I like short walks on the beach, karaoke and camping. My life motto is that we might not have it all together but together we have it all.


Foodie and nutrition expert, I have spent my career learning about and experiencing the power of food. It is an exciting time to spread the joys of food through technology. As a Registered Dietitian, I have seen how food can change the world. Now I am ready to experience Blockchain and cryptocurrency as a new venture.  I am excited to be a part of such a FUN and impactful project.
My role as wife, mom and daughter come first in my life. I was either a mermaid or a pirate in my former life. I love being near the ocean and what pairs best with the beach? “A ‘Rita” of course!  Cheers!


Hello! I am an incredibly blessed mother of two wonderful little people, who is very excited to learn more about CryptoCurrency and blockchain technology. I am essentially technology repellent, and not to brag but I am capable of destroying computers solely by looking at them. But if anyone can help the technology inept, it’s this group of women! In my very sparse spare time, I love to do yoga, read, and travel as much as I can. I am completely in love with the country of Ireland and I have been fortunate enough to have visited there three times. I am getting into the Irish sport of hurling (no, not the after effects of an excessive night out). The sport is crazy, and if you’ve never seen it, look it up. It’s incredible. I am excited to see where CryptoRita’s goes and I am happy to be on board and to give any assistance I can!


I am a wife and mother of two crazy kids and an old dog with attitude. I am a former elementary school teacher turned exercise instructor and personal trainer. This new path in fitness has taught me so much about health and nutrition. It has changed my life and I love being able to help others improve their quality of life. I am excited to start this new venture with CryptoVeggies as the health and fitness guru.