Meet The Ritas


I was an attorney at PayPal, where I helped the Large Merchant Services team achieved ubiquity. Prior to PayPal, I was at Cisco, eBay, Samsung and Apple.

I co-founded a blockchain payments startup in 2015 and is a strategic advisor to a number of AI, blockchain and 3D printing companies. I am also a mentor for Singularity University Ventures, Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator, SVI Academy and Hack Temple, which are tech incubators located in the United States.

I founded Robotics for Good: Chatbots, Messaging and AI community; and had donated my time to The Loving AI/XPRIZE Project, Compute for Cancer and Robots Without Borders. I am a member of the California and Georgia blockchain advocacy coalitions. I also producer and host of Laptop Radio at Stanford University. I am a cofounder at Governance Research Institute, a non-profit organization, and, a 3D NFT museum.


I am a lover of solidity, NFTs, country music, hip hop and my family. I might not have conventional wisdom but I possess unconventional humor. I am fan of cryptocurrency but I am believer of emerging technology such as blockchain and what it can do to help solve realistic and fundamental issues. I am a blockchain developer, data wrangler and marketing strategist. I am also a wife, a mom to a spunky boy,  a baby girl and a stepmom to my bonus daughter. I like short walks on the beach, karaoke and camping. My life motto is that we might not have it all together but together we have it all.