Atlanta Blockchain Week 2018

Atlanta Blockchain Week 2018  

CryptoDerby with the CryptoRitas!

Atlanta & Crypto at it again! Marie is the hostess with the Rita Mostest at The Crypto Derby themed party that was attended by Atlanta Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry movers and shakers which included party favorites like Mint Juleps, BBQ, big hats and dapper gentlemen 

Its the Cryptuckyderby! Horse race, festival and crypto

The Cryptuckyderby is going on May 5th in Atlanta! The CryptoRitas will be MC for the event. Come on out and enjoy the race and festivities.

Ritas on Adult Swim!

What do you get when you swap a Swapp Coin with a Rita Coin? SwappaRita Coin! Check it out in case you miss out on Adult Swim’s William’s Street Swap Shop and the CryptoRitas talk swap, crypto and blockchain with the  first ever initial margarita