Off the Chain with The Cheap Seats Atlanta Sports X 7/24/18


This past week, Angeleen and Tug Cowart & Hutson Mason from The Cheap Seats on Atlanta Sports X Station looked into the future and started to discuss the questions behind cryptocurrency and what the majority of the general population will need to understand and use the technology as adoption continues. We then officially went Off the Chain discussing new ways the technology is being used in sports.

Basketball, Ticket Purchasing and Crypto Marketplace
Mark Cuban has recently announced that cryptocurrency can be used to purchase tickets for the Dallas Maverick Games for the upcoming 2018-2019 NBA season.
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Baseball Bobbleheads, Digital Beanie Babies and Crypto Games
MLB is creating a blockchain game where users can trade digital bobbleheads that represent historical baseball game moments. The Crypto trading game is being created to reach new audiences and help find different ways to engage fans and increase game attendance.
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Listen to Learn More on how The Atlanta Sports X is Off the Chain: